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Posted On: 18-Aug-2023
എല്ലാ സുഹൃത്തുകൾക്കും ഈ വിവരം ഷെയർ ചെയ്യൂ !
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Pharmacist Homoeopathy Notifications Content Image
Pharmacist Homoeopathy Notifications

Kerala PSC Published New Vacancy Notification for the Post of Pharmacist under Homoeopathy Department with Category Number

         Kerala Public Service Commision issued Job Vacancy Notification for the post of Pharmacist under Homoeopathy Department. Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the above mentioned post. All applications are invited only through "One Time Registration" ( ) all other applications will not be accepted. Candidates those who have already registered shall apply through their own profile. Candidates those who have not updated AADHAR CARD on their profile shall update their AADHAR CARD ID into their profile. ( )

Which is the Post Available for Application?

The Vacant Post Available for applying is Pharmacist under Homoeopathy Department.

What is the Category Number for this Post?

The Category number for this Post is mentioned in the Full Notification. ( Click Here To See Full Notification )

What is the expected Qualifications to Apply for this Post?

The qualifications expected from the Candidates for this post are mentioned in the Full Notification issued by Kerala Public Service Commision.(Click Here To See Full Notification)

What is the Pay Scale for this Post?

The Expected Scale of Pay for this Post is mentioned in the Full Notification. ( Click Here To See Full Notification )

What should be the Age Limit of the Applicant for this Post?

The Age Limit of the Applicant is mentioned in the Full Notification. ( Click Here To See Full Notification )

When is the last date to apply for this Post?

The last date for application submission for this Post is on 20.09.2023. (Remind Me Later To Apply for This Post)
Recruitment Body
Kerala Public Service Commission
Scale of Pay
Mentioned in Full Notification. ( Click Here To See Full Notification )
Name Of the Post
Name of the Department
Required Qualifications
Qualifications are mentioned in the Full Notification (Click Here To See Full Notification)
Last Date To Apply
Pharmacist Question Paper
Download Pharmacist Question Paper (Depending on Availability)
Pharmacist Answer Key
Download Pharmacist Answer Key (Depending on Availability)
Pharmacist Syllabus
Download Pharmacist Syllabus (Depending on Availability)
Application Fees
No Application Fees Required
Method of Registration
Online via One Time Registration ( )

Click Here To See Full Notification

Things To Remember While Applying Online:
1) Candidates must register as per ‘ONE TIME REGISTRATION’ with the official Website of Kerala Public Service Commission before applying for the post.
2) Candidates who have registered can apply by logging on to their profile using their User-ID and password.
3) Candidates must click on the ‘Apply Now’ button of the respective posts in the Notification Link to applying for a post.
4) The Photograph uploaded should be one taken on or after 31/12/2010.
5) Name of the candidate and the date of taking photograph should be printed at the bottom portion.
6) The photograph once uploaded meeting all requirements shall valid for 10 years from the date of uploading.
7) There is no change in other instructions regarding the uploading of photographs.
8) No application fee is required.
9) Candidates shall take a printout of the application by clicking the link Registration Card in their profile.
10) Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password.
11) Before the final submission of the application on the profile candidates must ensure correctness of the information on their profile.
12) They must quote the User-ID for further communication with the Commission.
13) Application submitted is provisional and cannot be deleted or altered after submission.
14) The application will be summarily rejected if noncompliance with the notification is found in due course of processing.
15) Documents to prove qualification, Experience, Community, age etc have to be produced as and when called for Interview or Document Verification

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Terms and Definitions:

TPO (Temporarily Passed Over): During a selection year (the date on which the Ranked List of candidates comes into force to the date on which it expires) the reservation turns should not exceed 50% of the total vacancies.While observing the 50% rule it may become necessary to pass over certain reservation turns and to fill up the subsequent OC turns.Such passing over the turn is only temporary and hence referred to as Temporarily Passed over.

NCA (No Candidate Available): When the required number of candidates belonging to Backward Class or SC/ST to fill up the vacancies reserved for them may not be available in the Ranked list.This situation is termed as NCA.In such cases the following procedure is being followed.If a suitable candidate is not available for selection from the group of communities classified as "SC" in the turn alloted from such group,the said group shall be passed over and the post shall be filled up by a suitable candidate from the group of communities classified as "ST" and vice versa If a suitable candidate is not available for selection from any particular community or group of communities (Backward Class) such vacancy shall be kept unfilled, notified separately for that community or group of communities for that selection year and shall be filled by direct recruitment exclusively from among that community or group of communities.

Rotation Chart: There are two rotation charts wherein the turns 1 to 100 are arranged for direct recruitment Viz
(1) For posts included in the Kerala Last Grade Service
(2) For posts other than those included in the Last Grade Service
Turns alloted for Backward classes as well as for Open Competition candidates are specifically mentioned in these charts.

50 % Rule: The Rule stipulates that the number of Backward class candidates advised for a post in a selection year shall not exceed 50 % of the total advice made in that selection year.

Selection Year: One selection year for the purpose of this rule shall be the period from the date on which the Ranked List of candidates comes into force to the date on which it expires.

Ranked List: It is the list of candidates wherein their names are arranged according to their Ranks. Generally, Rank list consists of Main List and Supplementary Llist. Advices for appointment are made from this list based on the ranks candidates and observing the Rules of Reservation.

Main List: Main List is a part of the Ranked List and it includes the names of eligible candidates who secured marks equal to or higher than the Cut-off-mark fixed by the Commission for the respective selection. The Ranks of the Candidates in the Main List are assigned according to the total marks secured by them in the written test, interview, physical efficiency test etc.

Supplementary List: In the Ranked lists, there are supplementary lists also in respect of each Reservation classes via Ezhava, Muslim, SC, ST etc. Supplementary Lists for each Backward Class is prepared by including Candidates belonging to that particular Backward Class who secured marks equal to or above the cut-off-marks fixed for that class by the Commission, but below the cut-off-marks fixed for the Main List. The Candidates from the supplementary Lists for a particular Backward Class are considered for advice when no candidate belonging to that class in available in the Main List for Advice. The supplementary Lists cease to exist when the respective Main List exhausts.

Cut-off-Mark: Inorder to include sufficient number candidates in the Main List and supplementary Lists in a Ranked List, the Commission prescribe minimum marks to be secured by the Candidates for their inclusion in the Ranked List. These prescribed minimum marks are known as Cut-off-marks. Cut-off-marks for Main List and various Supplementary Lists in a Ranked List will not be the same.

Direct Recruitment: Direct Recruitment is the recruitment in which any eligible candidate irrespective of his/her caste or status can apply. The Commission resort to various methods like written test, Interview, Physical efficiency test etc in the process of conducting Direct Recruitment.

Special Recruitment for SC/ST: If a Recruitment is special Recruitment for SC/ST, eligible SC or ST candidates alone can participate in it.

Recruitment by Transfer: Recruitment by Transfer means that the said Recruitment is earmarked for the Candidates serving in other posts under same or different Services, as laid down in the Special Rules for the purpose.

*** Important Notice :- This Information is ONLY for Reference and may have ERRORS. Please check with the original documents from Kerala PSC Official website link given above. ***